In 2015, Εlias Papadimitriou, with knowledge of Structural Works Technician and Business Administration (Bachelor Degrees), respect and tradition in the field of construction, and experience since 2007, created the technical and real estate company RELIAS providing a wide range of services to cover your unique needs.

The logo in essence is inspired by the initial R - (R)eal Estate & (R)enovation and the owner's name - ELIAS. The logo is designed and set in such a way so as to refer to the phrase "RELY (on) US" and pronounced in the same way <RELIAS>.

RELIAS is involved in the supervision and construction of luxury residences, multi-dwelling buildings and business premises, all kinds of renovations and technical services such as "Home Saving", Energy Efficiency Certificates, Legitimate Arbitrage, Licenses and Studies, undertaking also real estate services for individuals and professionals, for the immediate finding of residence, business premises and plots.

At RELIAS we aim at high-level partnerships focused on personal trust, respect and appreciation with our customers. We guarantee the excellent collaboration of all parties involved in a project, ensuring your cost transparency through economical engineering studies, delivering within strict schedules, and maximizing flexibility during construction, providing a final product of increased functionality, efficiency and quality value that will satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Emphasizing to the human potential, we select remarkable and technically trained executives. In collaboration with Architects, Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Surveying Engineers, Decorators, we undertake the full range of construction studies such as: Architectural Design of Buildings, Static and Mechanical Designs, 3D Illustrations, Interior and Exterior configurations, etc.

The company also has specialized craftsmen (such as carpenter, plumber, plumber, electrician, alarm installer, aluminum installer etc.), each of which has a high level of knowledge, dedication, quality of construction and professionalism, transforming the entire renovation process a trouble-free experience for you.

At the same time the company provides a full service Real Estate Firm with a closed clientele and specific housing requirements while respecting the needs of clients and of course homeowners. The portfolio is strictly personal and not published.

Our priority is to express and satisfy your needs through our rendering of service.

Our goal is to "RELY" on "Us" <RELIAS>.


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